My advice for finding cheap flights

This is definitely my most frequently asked question and no, I don’t get discounts from my job. No, I’m not rich. I just prioritize my happiness and take the time to research 💜

I’m sure everyone wants to travel at heart but a couple things get in the way; schedule and affordability. I can’t help your schedule because we have to do what we have to do in order to survive and sometimes that takes a lot of our time. But once you see some free time coming up, is your budget the only issue stopping you? Maybe this blog can help!

There are many “finding cheap flights” blog posts out there, trust me I’ve scoured them all! But this one’s mines! (Yep, mines!)

Firstly, you need a travel credit card! If you don’t like credit or you have bad credit, then maybe traveling isn’t for you unless you plan on driving to London from LA. My current credit card is a Delta AMEX (I am in no way affiliated or vouching for the company, nor do I have any loyalty with them). Click here for a link to apply. The reason why are the bonus miles you get when you sign up (read the terms) which regardless of company, is about 2 round trip free flights far away so it’s well worth it. Cancel it later who cares but those initial points are worth it. If you choose to keep it you will obviously accumulate miles with purchases so the longevity of it will gain you more free flights.

Ok, since I plan ahead, oh did I mention that? No? Oh crap, yes plan ahead! Flexibility is a must when traveling for less. I know an almost impossible task, but you can do anything you prioritize. Plan! Tickets are cheaper in advance.

Google Flights is my absolute go to flight planner! Skyscanner and Kayak are pretty awesome but have yet to surpass my Google flights experience. Ok let’s search Atlanta to Miami.

This is what initially showed up if I wanted to go exactly a week from now, for one day, but I want to go in December. Click on the dates box to get an entire price calendar.

Ok, so the next point I can intertwine here; it’s cheaper to travel in weekly intervals. It may not be feasible but for a future vacation, keep that in mind. So, the 4th thru 11 is $77 which is cheap; not as cheap as I’ve seen ($50) but relatively cheap for such an awesome city.

So in this scenario I am picking the 5th thru the 8th because my days off of work are Thursday/Friday. Tying in another point, Tuesdays and Saturday will be your cheapest travel days!!! So Frontier is my cheapest option, round trip for these days. Here is where it gets technical because Frontier will nickel and dime the hell out of their customers along with Spirit. I have a Delta card and the flight will be more comfortable and my checked bag is free (def worth it). But to save $68 for a random trip, yes Frontier is a hit, just pack light enough to fit under the seat.

Research your local hubs: in the example above, Miami is an American Airlines hub so you can get a cheap flight with them, ATL is a Delta hub, Charlotte American, etc. A loophole to getting around Miami prices is Ft. Lauderdale being a Southwest hub 🤔 definitely worth researching before purchasing that flight. Unfortunately Southwest is not searched through Google flights but from my experience they’re not much cheaper and offer 2 free bags which may behoove you if you have a lot of luggage. Its worth a shot to search their site also.

When flying overseas keep in mind flights are much cheaper over there! Just save your money and get there! Another feature I love about Google is you can track a flight! Try it! They will email you when the price fluctuates and honey I use that all the time! I don’t get discounts and I refuse to pay the man more than I have to!

So back to the hubs…. once time I booked a flight to Honolulu from Salt lake city for cheap…Hawaiian Air had a hub in San Francisco Francisco they offered $300 flights from there. I just had to book a flight from SLC to SFO, where Alaska Air had a flight for $40! I just had to book each leg separately, and ensure the was enough time to layover and recheck my bags. Definitely worth the money I saved; at least $200 per ticket!

To sum it up flights are much cheaper than you think, they’re just not when you’re not flexible and open minded! These companies have already figured out holidays and popular travel patterns and reflect that in their prices.

Here are some examples of cheap flights that I would have thought were more expensive below.

So, a lot of you may not live near a hub. I used to live in Norfolk Virginia (ORF) and Pensacola Florida (PNS) and that takes some thinking outside the box and planning. Booking well in advance will be a life saver for you guys. One method is to research your closest hub; for ORF Baltimore (BWI) is my closest Southwest hub, and DC (DCA, IAD) has 2 whole airports that cater to Delta and American. You might have to drive to save, or book separate flights!

Another blog topic, but save money with Airbnb, a home away from home. My definite go-to with a group of friends, or our future travel club. I’ve spent as little as $80 for a weekend on a shared Airbnb with my girls.

Whew! That was a lot! I plan on making a YouTube video going thru all this and searching with you guys so stay tuned!

This is definitely my most frequently asked question and no, I don’t get discounts from my job. No, I’m not rich. I just prioritize my happiness and take the time to research 💜

Writing an Open Letter

Do you have someone you would like to get something off of your chest to but you can’t because you are afraid, or they are ignoring you, or distance is in the way of your sincerity?  Well an open letter may be an option.

pexels-photo-356331.jpegI have always preferred writing!  (Clearly) But seriously I felt like there was no one to ever listen to my endless thoughts as a child so I would write.  I even wrote my teachers when I needed help with work!  Honestly, writing is maybe the truest form of communication that I have ever practiced because I prefer not to argue, and if you haven’t heard the phrase, “angry people, drunk people, and kids are the only truly honest people” then you will understand the thought process of arguing and how that is a very effective method of communication (As long as one person talks at a time and it’s non-violent).  Another reason I prefer to write is because a lot of verbal communication is fake…people normally send a representative of themselves and personally I just can’t take it.  Maybe one of my personal flaws but hey I’ll just keep writing in the meantime until I work on it.  Text messages are ideal, but they can get lost in translation, or lost in the limit of characters.

An open letter is a letter that you write…to yourself…to a younger version of you…to your children….parents….friends…..whoever!  They may not be able to read it but that is not why you are writing it.  You are writing it to get closure.


I have some open letters, specifically one to my mother, who I can hand deliver it to right here in my city, but she will not “receive” it. ( Deep) She will appreciate it, but not be receptive of what is in the letter.  At the time I wrote it I was deeply hurt and the only healthy way to release that energy was to immediately get those thoughts onto paper and boy did it feel better.  Another letter I wrote was to my younger self.  Will I ever get a time machine to deliver this said letter to myself?  Probably not!  (If you have a time machine, I’ll just settle for sending my younger self some winning lotto numbers). The letter to myself was very hard to write, yet relieving.  It was hard to write it without the feeling of being judged.  I will blog these letters later because if I had something like this blog to read when I was younger, well it would be like reading an open letter to myself!

I would like to Guest blog some of your open letters!  They can be anonymous but just remember your road that you traveled, someone else may have a similar path filled with the same distractions that your words can help navigate through.