Writing an Open Letter

Do you have someone you would like to get something off of your chest to but you can’t because you are afraid, or they are ignoring you, or distance is in the way of your sincerity?  Well an open letter may be an option.

pexels-photo-356331.jpegI have always preferred writing!  (Clearly) But seriously I felt like there was no one to ever listen to my endless thoughts as a child so I would write.  I even wrote my teachers when I needed help with work!  Honestly, writing is maybe the truest form of communication that I have ever practiced because I prefer not to argue, and if you haven’t heard the phrase, “angry people, drunk people, and kids are the only truly honest people” then you will understand the thought process of arguing and how that is a very effective method of communication (As long as one person talks at a time and it’s non-violent).  Another reason I prefer to write is because a lot of verbal communication is fake…people normally send a representative of themselves and personally I just can’t take it.  Maybe one of my personal flaws but hey I’ll just keep writing in the meantime until I work on it.  Text messages are ideal, but they can get lost in translation, or lost in the limit of characters.

An open letter is a letter that you write…to yourself…to a younger version of you…to your children….parents….friends…..whoever!  They may not be able to read it but that is not why you are writing it.  You are writing it to get closure.


I have some open letters, specifically one to my mother, who I can hand deliver it to right here in my city, but she will not “receive” it. ( Deep) She will appreciate it, but not be receptive of what is in the letter.  At the time I wrote it I was deeply hurt and the only healthy way to release that energy was to immediately get those thoughts onto paper and boy did it feel better.  Another letter I wrote was to my younger self.  Will I ever get a time machine to deliver this said letter to myself?  Probably not!  (If you have a time machine, I’ll just settle for sending my younger self some winning lotto numbers). The letter to myself was very hard to write, yet relieving.  It was hard to write it without the feeling of being judged.  I will blog these letters later because if I had something like this blog to read when I was younger, well it would be like reading an open letter to myself!

I would like to Guest blog some of your open letters!  They can be anonymous but just remember your road that you traveled, someone else may have a similar path filled with the same distractions that your words can help navigate through.