Euro trip 2018

photo of eiffel tower
Photo by Eugene Dorosh on

Hey!  I took some video footage when it was on my mind this trip to log our trip instead of writing.  I can’t say I prefer this method yet because I come up with some great ideas and words after the moment in reflection.  I do however love the idea of a video log and I just think it will take some practice!  Challenge accepted!  In the meantime check out this raw footage from this Euro trip we had!

Some other things I reflected upon are the food and my favs.  The food honestly was not the best because of the lack of seasoning lol I swore to take some Lawrys next time.  There was lots of bread and carbs are not my friend!  I did indulge 🙂 but as far as my favs, the diversity in Paris was everything, along with the croissants.  There was an unlimited amount of things to do in Barcelona and we definitely were overwhelmed.  London was slightly chilly in July, but the views were amazing.  The French language is amazing and I would actually like to try to learn it!

Thank you for reading!

Finding the perfect swimsuit

I live for a great swimsuit selfie!  For me it showcases the hard work you invest into yourself, all while enjoying not working hard!

20180304_165447 copy This time in Miami I decided to opt out of the beach and chill by the pool since it was an impromptu last minute trip.  I got a lot of girl talk in with my cousin Ayanna and we laughed a lot about personal issues because hey if you can’t laugh at yourself then what’s the point?  Communicating is important because it is a relief of stress, even if only temporary, and it helps relationships.


This swimsuit is from Icon Boutique.  It is their “Overboard bikini-wine” and it was only $22!  (I also live for affordable swimwear) If you shop for frequent swimwear then you know $22 is an awesome price!  It arrived fast and I couldn’t wait to wear it!  I have a couple more from that company I will wear next vacay and upload this post.

For me finding the perfect swimsuit is according to my mood.  Each vacation has a different mood since they are different times of the year in different lifestyle changes.  Some seasons call for bright colors while others call for dark.  For me when I need a pick me up I urge brighter colors and red is one of my favorites! Well, maybe yellow.  They are tied lol.  Then when I need a quick suit that covers bulges well, black is the move always.  I have at least 100 black swimsuits of all styles!  Purple is my favorite tho, yet hard to find.  Either way, find your to go suits that you can just grab-n-go, then get your extra cute ones like these for those flawless photo shoot!