Havana, April 2018

Honestly one of the most rewarding trips, probably because of the lack of wifi and cell service lol. Because I knew there would be a lack of internet I kind of planned ahead a few activities with my girls that I will post below. The best part of our trip was the hospitality of the Airbnb host that I will also leave below. Navi made sure that we had everything we needed included taxis, internet cards and restaurant suggestions. The city was very colorful and all of the men were friendly to us lol, something I am finding to be constant in more latin countries. Everything was affordable! Our flight was less than $200 from Atlanta to Havana and every entree there was less than $8! Very affordable. We split the Airbnb and it was about $100 pp. The chemistry between my very diverse friends was awesome which gave me the idea for the travel club. Traveling together creates for an affordable and bonding getaway that creates lifelong memories. I will be forever grateful for this experience!

Cuba tips:

  • Travel for “support of the Cuban people” and book an Airbnb. That is supporting a small entrepreneur in the country.
  • Take toiletries or small items that fit in your luggage to give away. They still do not get simple imports that we take for granted. We brought female sanitation items and gave them out. Its cheap and only takes a few moments to pass out and they will be thankful.
  • Don’t sweat your Cuban visa! Purchase it at the airport, and don’t let that stop you from traveling.
  • Airbnb housing: Host Navi
  • Airbnb experiences: It wouldn’t allow me to share those via a link, but search for “Cuban soul through pictures” and “Cuban dance” Join Airbnb

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