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Hey! I’m starting a travel club to visit a few different cities in 2019. Just something I thought of to get people together.

Some will be kid friendly for the moms that find it hard to travel. Some will be couple friendly but not mandatory, or I should say “male friendly” lol. I have male friends and I don’t want to exclude them; I will just specify which destinations will accompany men/kids. They’re kinda the same anyway lol.

-Must be open minded! No bad attitudes allowed or you will not be welcome on other trips!

– The idea is to save money on lodging so be prepared to share an Airbnb. (Basically a house that we rent and you have your own room but share common space with the other women.)

-Also ideal for women traveling solo. You don’t have to know the other women on the trip! Initially it’s all people I know and people they know; very intimate. Bring friends but please inform me first so that we can discuss it together.

-Have fun! Each city will have a light itinerary but will mostly involve great attitudes and laughs. I don’t know what the food will be like, party scene if any, or culture since these cities (abroad) I’ve never been to. I’m just bringing the fun and so should you. *****Lesson learned: By light itinerary I mean some “fun” isn’t for everyone. Please read the description of events before agreeing to respect my time organizing and others splitting the cost. Once you agree the event is nonrefundable and I do not plan on entertaining complaints. If an event does not appeal to you ahead of time I can help with finding another tourist event to pass the time for us to meet up again. #Openmind is what traveling is all about right?

-You are required to purchase your airfare and I can help find cheaper tickets. Purchase them whenever you’re ready, but tickets are cheaper further away and during the middle of the week. Pro-tip: Driving is not recommended for a vacation, unless it’s a short distance. Also, try to travel in the smallest group possible to enhance your travel experience. Unforeseen circumstances happen on a long road trip/airport that bring out the worse in people.

– The end of year party is a bonus and is only for those who’ve traveled with us. Please respect the invite only and lodging at my house is first come first serve. Kennyon wants to do an Airbnb in the city so it might be there. This is a thank you for trusting my travel vision and keeping an open mind.

Tell me which ones you might attend so we can make this happen!

February– Invite only

March- Cabo Invite only but open to close friends.

June- (12-16) Grand Cayman Islands!  Notify me ASAP of your interest with a deposit so I can secure lodging!!!

July– (27-30) Glamping (Glamorous camping) Family and friends trip in Utah/Nevada

September– (23-29) Italy Rome,Florence, Venice. Details soon! Kids invited!

October- (12-15) Boston girls only trip 😼👸🏾💃🏾

December– Kid and Male friendly

Atlanta Year end NYE Pml house party invite only

Please click here to send me an email of your interests!

This post will be updated frequently with new information.


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