Finding the perfect swimsuit

I live for a great swimsuit selfie!  For me it showcases the hard work you invest into yourself, all while enjoying not working hard!

20180304_165447 copy This time in Miami I decided to opt out of the beach and chill by the pool since it was an impromptu last minute trip.  I got a lot of girl talk in with my cousin Ayanna and we laughed a lot about personal issues because hey if you can’t laugh at yourself then what’s the point?  Communicating is important because it is a relief of stress, even if only temporary, and it helps relationships.


This swimsuit is from Icon Boutique.  It is their “Overboard bikini-wine” and it was only $22!  (I also live for affordable swimwear) If you shop for frequent swimwear then you know $22 is an awesome price!  It arrived fast and I couldn’t wait to wear it!  I have a couple more from that company I will wear next vacay and upload this post.

For me finding the perfect swimsuit is according to my mood.  Each vacation has a different mood since they are different times of the year in different lifestyle changes.  Some seasons call for bright colors while others call for dark.  For me when I need a pick me up I urge brighter colors and red is one of my favorites! Well, maybe yellow.  They are tied lol.  Then when I need a quick suit that covers bulges well, black is the move always.  I have at least 100 black swimsuits of all styles!  Purple is my favorite tho, yet hard to find.  Either way, find your to go suits that you can just grab-n-go, then get your extra cute ones like these for those flawless photo shoot!


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