It’s My Birthday!

The significance of the Holiday known as birthdays.

We all have holidays where we are “trained” from birth to celebrate.  Well I’m not a big fan of them!  It feels too much like protocol…like a military muster lol.  I celebrate the silver linings…for example Christmas I love to see family and see on social media all the happy kids and happy parents, happy couples exchanging love I mean it all gives me joy (more-so the free time off).  But one holiday I love that WE control, that no one can take away from US, is the day that we were blessed with life.

I love how we all have a story to tell!  We all have some sort of family issues, personal drama, or a perfect life where nothing went wrong lol but its our life and our day to celebrate just that!  You get to decide how you want to celebrate it, you get to dictate what you want to do.  I like to reflect.  A little personal secret is it is when my new year starts! I get to decide to make changes on my terms! I like the entire Aquarius season to celebrate because…its the best season!  I’m a control freak I know but hey it’s our lives why not take control of them?

If you are having trouble taking control, you can start with your next birthday! Plan a dinner, shopping day, low key date, whatever fills that New Year in the world!  Celebrate your day the entire month!

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