Can I get (back) into business?

My first job was at 14 years old working at a hair salon (illegally) washing har for a few dollars each client.  It was not a lot of money to the average person, but for a young girl that had nothing living in the projects wearing hand-me-downs it was a LOT of money.  I wanted to work really hard, mainly because I admired the shop owner who was a small business owner running her own faithful clients, accounting, booking etc all while being courteous and professional.  My next job was for even more money, working for minimum wage at McDonald’s.  Man that was eye-opening because the average person, brutally speaking, does not want to work hard but for some reason I did!  The more I worked the more money I made!  But I always wondered whose signature that was at the bottom of my check I mean I literally thought Ronald McDonald owned it (don’t judge me because I’m pretty sure there are kids in the hood right now with no exposure that think the same).  Then one day it happened.  The owners walked in to check on the re-order of supplies, cut a check, and left.  It was an older couple, regular clothes with a hint of Chanel and finesse.  I knew at that moment I was going to be signing checks also but had no education to know where to start.


I opened a business in 2013, a small online boutique in an over saturated market.  My name as my niche in addition to being photogenic I gained slight popularity with a few business opportunities I was not prepared for.  With the market being so over saturated it was still hard to stand out, and to be honest a couple of social media influencers were taking advantage of small businesses like mine.  I was afraid to take a break but I knew I couldn’t handle the customers coming in with the adjustments I needed so I decided to take a break.  Now my self-doubt has come over in an even more saturated clothing market.  Somehow I’ve convinced myself that is just fine!  With work ethic anything is possible!

We CAN get back into business!  With the lessons learned, of course!  To start a business there are a plethora of websites that offer advice! Books, YouTube you name it.  I will offer limited advice here because I believe advice and how to’s are on a case by case basis and is seriously relative.  Then I will plant advice here on my website in blogs on what worked for me and what I’ve seen work for others.

-You have to tailor advice on your business needs.  Do not think you are behind or lost because of another success.  Every business are different goals and most importantly, different budgets!  It’s ok to have a smaller budget because whats important is your niche.

-Organize.  Plan, write a business plan, then plan again!


-Lastly, walk out on entrepreneurial faith!

Here is the planner organizer that I use to organize my life!  I write down all of my appointments, bill due dates, and work times in the calendar.  In the journal I jot down ideas, random thoughts and business plans ideas.  Click the photo to purchase or look for different options.

It sounds simple because it is.  Thanks for reading and of course Contact with Questions or Concerns!

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