I don’t know where to start!

Overthinking and debating with a hint of self doubt. Overthinking is NOT a bad thing; I actually think if everyone thought a little bit deeper into their situations then life would be a lot simpler. There would be less violence and theft; Just an all around good place to exist. Instead, a lot of decisions are made with no thought to them what-so-ever and mistakes are made. Maybe I overthink because I am afraid of making mistakes. I am very hard on myself after a mistake and I try to think of ways I could have prevented them, hence the overthinking. Then there’s the debating stage; Where’s my audience or what platform should I use? And lastly, there’s the self doubt. No one is gonna read it and no one is gonna care. So why not just get started anyway and put it out there! Courage.

I want to discuss my life. Not with anyone in particular, but with anyone who finds interest to keep reading. Anyone who may have experienced some of my fears and experiences. Anyone who wants to give suggestions or share their stories. Anyone who can learn from my mistakes and/or lessons. Anyone who can teach me new things.  My self-doubt is usually what prevents me from moving forward. I’ve actually started a blog before but stopped because I felt like no one was reading. I was investing so much time coming up with awesome concepts and typing through the night but once I published it live, no one read it! I was defeated and I quit. After a few months people started emailing me asking when was the next post and why they haven’t heard from me in a while! Not a lot of people but definitely more than the “no one” I thought was reading! Not having support definitely has defeated me in the past more than I can embarrassingly admit and I am here to say you absolutely have to work past that! Eventually your support will come from the people who were supposed to support you so just be patient.


To get started, with almost anything, get a pen and paper (literally or electronically) and write down your ideas. Then, organize them! Pick any organization method you desire such as by date, alphabetically, or by topic. You can even be an organized “mess” as long as you get organized. Once you start writing things down you will realize that your mind begins to clear up and may even get motivated to do more. Usually once you get your mind organized, you will see a starting point of where to begin.

Other things that help with organization are self helps books and YouTube tutorials. Let’s face it, theres a tutorial for everything on the internet. There are a lot of “started from the bottom” individuals that don’t mind making videos, helping us break through our plateau.

I won’t say stop overthinking because chances are the world and everyone is it is saying that. But I will say to scale down the overthinking and just write! That severely helps with overthinking.

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